Friday, August 26, 2011

So far so good!

I know school has only been in session for two weeks now, but so far things are going great!! Ty is absolutely loving school and his teacher. He was a little upset that they changed some of his favorite lunch items, like the nuggets and chicken pattie. From what I had read, they were already fairly healthy for the kids so i'm not sure why they changed them?! They aslo switched milk brands and he said the strawberry milk and regular milk tasted nasty now. So it seems as though he will be taking his lunch more often this year, which is obviously not a bad thing! Also, the school has already sent stuff home for pictures (they are taking them on September 1st! WTH?!?) and they also sent papers home for their Scholastic book drive. I love the book drive idea, but i'm a little peeved about the pics so soon. They just freakin' started school!! And of course they are expensive. I think they cheapest packet is $13?!? And that's just for 8 wallet pics! We've stopped sending so many pics out, so we may just go with the wallet packet. Besides, they also do Spring pictures and I like them alot more....even though they cost ALOT more!! We'll start saving up for those pics soon. But then again, we may not get as many as our list of people to mail to has gotten ALOT shorter. (sorry, but it had to be done....same as our Christmas card list. We are tired of mailing cards and people not having the common courtesy of mailing a card in return. I mean, that's not why we send them, but it would be nice to show you give a damn a little bit...right?!? Ok, done rambling! LOL)

Anyhoo, Ty is doing amazing and we are so proud of him! So far *knock on wood* his stomach hasn't been bothering him as much in the mornings (nerves, poor kiddo) and he's been eating breakfast every morning! It's a good thing too, since they don't eat lunch until 11:50....that's a long time to wait to eat when you don't eat breakfast!!!