Saturday, September 10, 2011

If you love Christmas time...

I highly recommend the store Christmas Place! They are located in Pigeon Forge, which is about 20-25 minutes away from us. In all the years we have been going to PF, we never went in. Well, I was looking online for a certain ornament for Chase and their site popped up! I not only found the ornament I was looking for, but it was on sale! I also found some really cute LED photo frames that were also on sale. They did have an ornament I was going to order for Ty, but it was out of stock. So I talked to Z and he said to just order what I found online and we would go into the Christmas Place store on his next day off. (this past Thursday) Well, Thursday morning we went to the store.....and all I can say is, if you have never been and are ever able to go, you need to GO!!! They have everything you could ever imagine for the holidays!! And to be honest, yes some things were a little pricey, but for the most part their prices were not that bad! (and you know what a cheapskate I am.....) And this place was HUGE!!! Every time we thought we had seen everything, we ended up going into a new section! And the employee's were so friendly and helpful. We spent almost 2 hours looking at everything!! We ended up getting an ornament for Ty (not the one we wanted though, as they were not only sold out online but at the store. he is SO into dinosaurs and they had a T-Rex ornament but it was not in stock....we ended up getting him the Stegosaurus) and I got an ornament that goes with what I call Chase. It's an adorable baby monkey (looks like a baby in a monkey costume!) and on the belly it says "Little Monkey". (for Ty I have a pickle ornament, since i've called him my little pickle since before he was born)

Well, once we got home I put the ornaments away so the boys wouldn't see them. Later that evening, UPS came and brought me what I had ordered from Christmas Place online!! I was so shocked to get it so fast! I absolutely loved the ornament for Chase (a school bus....he LOVES them!!) and the picture frames are so they sent me a free snowflake ornament!! Now I can't wait to get our Christmas decorations up!!!

The frames look super bright because they have glitter on them to look like snow....can't wait to put pics in them and light them up!!!