Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Labor Day! It's been raining fairly heavy since last night, and is supposed to keep up for the rest of the day. We desperately needed the rain, but it's coming down SO fast! Z has to work today, so it's just the boys and I. With all the rain, it's been a pj and movies kind of day!! (the movie Up is about to come it!!!) Z was off yesterday, so we got most of our running done then. We got something for Ty for Christmas. He has been asking for his own mp3 player, and he is SO rough on things and I just couldn't see getting him something that was super expensive and just have him destroy in within days. Well, Big Lots had an mp3 player at a really good price, so we got there when they opened and got him one!! It's perfect for him, and I just know he will love it. Photobucket

Well, with all this rain i'm SO glad we decided to not cook on the grill today!! Thinking about making some tacos for least that's what Ty has been asking for! ;) Stay safe out there, everyone!!!!