Friday, September 16, 2011

A rough day.....*edited*

...for the most part, anyway. It's been a week since Licky left us. When I was sitting at Ty's school waiting for him to come out I started thinking about how that time last week is when she passed away. Made my heart hurt for her. :( The house still feels so empty without her. I keep waiting to hear her bark when we get back from being out. And I can still smell her in the house, but it's not a stinky dog smell. I miss having a dog around so much.......once we are out of this house we will add a new family member.

So today was an "interesting" day, to say the least. It started with me not being able to find my cellphone. Ty and I looked all over for it before I took him to school but had no luck finding it. I got some change together so I could use a payphone to call Z to let him know I didn't have it. (we don't have a house phone anymore, as there was no point to having it when we never used it) I stopped to get gas and then took Ty to school. I knew there was a payphone at Weigel's, so I headed there. They wanted $1 to make a 10 minute call!!! OMG, I couldn't believe it!!! Needless to say, I didn't use the payphone. Before I left to take Ty I had posted on Facebook about losing my phone. Well, once I got home I posted again about still not finding it and how expensive the payphone was. I went to get laundry started when I heard my phone ringing!! I started listening really hard for where the sound was coming from......and then I knew; the darn thing was in the diaper bag the whole time!!!! But my bestest bestie had called me to help me find my phone.....I swear I never even thought to ask someone to call me to help me find it!! Photobucket Talk about a blonde moment! Also, poor Chase wasn't feeling well and I wanted to see if he should be seen by a doctor or not and not having my phone I was worried if he got worse I wouldn't have a way to call anyone. I was also worried if Ty's school needed to get ahold of me I wouldn't get the calls.

So once I had my phone found and some calls made (and Chase started feeling better), we went and did a little shopping. We went to Target first, as they sometimes have a better selection of clothes for Ty. Well they had swimming trunks, but they were still marked $9! Walmart had them for $6, so I decided to just wait and get them from there. I was about to leave when I saw something that I had been searching for for a looonnnggg time......footie pj's for Ty...and at a decent price as well!!! I squealed so loud when I saw them!!! I picked up a pair for him, and i'm hoping to go back and get him at least 2 more pairs. When we left there we went to Walmart and I got Chase a pair of sweatpants and went looking for swimming trunks for Ty. (I was at a different Walmart than we normally shop and they sometimes have a different selection...and higher prices!! Photobucket) I saw some super cute Spongebob trunks, which were marked $6. I picked up a few other things and went to check out. Well, when the lady was ringing up my things, she scanned the trunks and said "Oh, you got a great deal on those!!" and I said "yeah, $6 is really cheap..." and she said "No, they rang up $4!!" I was so excited!!! I'm sooo glad I held off on buying him new swimming trunks!! Now I need to get pics of him in his new trunks and his footies!!! Oh, and to add to the fun blondness for the day, when Chase and I got back from shopping I got him out and locked the van then closed my door....with the keys still in it!! I had to call Z to come get the van unlocked and to let us in the house. Once again.....Photobucket

The main reason I got him new trunks now is because we have company coming down and they are going to get a hotel that has a pool so Ty and Chase can swim. He's really excited about it!!!