Tuesday, October 11, 2011


For the past few weeks Ty has been getting into trouble for talking in class.He's also been calling out answers and not following directions when he is told to stop or quiet down. At first it was only every once in awhile....maybe once every few weeks?!? Now it is several times in one week. :( In fact, today he not only was calling out answers he got into an argument with another student in art today. When I was waiting for Ty to come out of school, his teacher came out to talk to me first, so I knew it was something "major". I know kids get into trouble for talking....heck, I was always in trouble for talking!! But this is happening way too often, and with him being a transfer to the school, they can make him have to go to the school he is zoned for. *sigh* Maybe that would be best for him?!? I just don't know..........