Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday! :)

And it's Black Friday at that! We didn't dare try to get in on any of the Black Friday stuff. We did hit Walmart last night, but it was to just get some things we needed. We got there around 6:45 and there were actually people camped out in some of the aisles, waiting for the 10pm deals!! I just shook my head. They had all of the 10pm sales wrapped up in plastic, and employees actually had to stay near them all the time to stop people from taking things before the sale started. Crazy!! I'm actually glad we got there when we did, because there were only a few "regular" shoppers in the store. When we left, which was almost an hour or so later, there were even MORE people camped out in certain areas of the store!! Just too funny......I did get online this morning and found a pair of Mickey Mouse footie pj's on Walmart online that I ordered. Shipping was cheap and it was worth paying to avoid going to the store today! LOL

SO I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Ours was just wonderful! I was worried it wasn't going to be all that good, as Z and I had gotten into a pretty bad disagreement the day before and things were still tense yesterday morning. But things seemed to work themselves out for the most part. Everyone was up early, unfortunately. LOL Chase hasn't been feeling 100% the past few days and has been getting up early. After everyone got up I went on a hunt to find a box of Christmas lights I knew we had (we put our tree up on Wednesday since Ty was off and every set of lights we had for the tree didn't work! I was so upset...:() and I finally found them!!! We usually do colored lights on the tree, but the box I found was all white lights. I didn't care as I was just happy to have lights!!! (although after Christmas this year I am buying new lights for next year! LOL) Z and I got the lights on the tree, then Ty and I got the garland put on. After a small break, we got the ornaments on the tree! Z gave the boys their new ornaments, and they both loved them!! Chase took his school bus and immediately pulled out his toy garage and played with it! Ty put his right on the tree. :) Here is the end result:

Obviously the bottom is a little bare because of Chase...and MeeMee! LOL

After we got the tree up Z decided to call the bank to see if his check went in early. (one of the reasons we got into a disagreement the day before....he was hoping (well, actually counting on it) his check was going to go in on Wednesday and it didn't) Low and behold it was in there!!! We quickly got everyone ready and went out for the day. We ended up at Bass Pro Shop to see Santa!!! The boys did so good....and the Santa there is just AWESOME!!!! He is so sweet and takes his time with each child, and lets you get more than one free picture!! I posted the Santa pic on Facebook. I also got some amazing pics of the boys throughout the store that i'll add to Facebook shortly. (i'd rather not share on here due to a lurker) But after seeing Santa they got to ride on a carousel, which was new this year. Ty got to ride a bear and Chase rode a moose!! Both boys had SO much fun looking at all the fun things there....especially the HUGE fish they have! We got some popcorn and some fresh roasted almonds, cashews and pecans (roasted with cinnamon....YUM!!!) and I actually got a super cute hoodie for only $10!!!

After BPS, we hit a few other stores near Pigeon Forge and then came home to cook Thanksgiving dinner. It was SO good! We had such a great day.

Well, I am off to add some pics to Facebook from yesterday. Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and weekend!!!!!