Monday, June 4, 2012

Cancer Survivor Day

Yesterday was National Cancer Survivor Day! We celebrated by going to the Cancer Survivor event at UT Medical center. It was SO wonderful seeing so many survivors! They had tables set out in the hallway giving away all kinds of goodies. When Z registered they gave us a HUGE orange umbrella!! Once we got in the hallway the first table we saw was giving away those drawstring backpacks. Ty got his own and put all the goodies he got in it. He thought it was so cool! After we walked the hall, we went into the cafeteria where they had some live music as well as refreshments and snack food. They had all kinds of fruit and veggies and some amazing cake!! At 2:30 they did a little program about the Cancer was just amazing. As I said, seeing all those survivors really touched my heart. After the program they gave away door prizes.....they had some very cool gifts!!! We didn't win, but we still had a great time. This event was the 10th they have had, and i'm hoping we can go back every year to celebrate Z being a survivor.

Here are the goodies we got!! (minus the umbrella....)