Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My new toy!

Z and I were due for new cellphones earlier this year, but we wanted to wait as we weren't sure we would be staying with AT&T. We had a really good plan, but in order to get most of the "new" phones, you had to have an unlimited data plan which for both phones would run $30. We already had unlimited texting and just couldn't afford to get the data plan as well, but we loved some of the newer 4G phones. Well, our 2 year agreement was up with them so Z called and told them we were going to switch to another provider to get a better deal on the 4G phones (smartphones). When he got off the phone, we were signed up with AT&T and got the unlimited data plan for $30, but now have the unlimited texting for free for at least 6 months! When those 6 months are up, they will re-evaluate our contract and make adjustments so the bill will stay the same.....so we basically got a MUCH better plan for less than what we were paying before!! And that includes insurance on both phones! AND, they even waived the activation fee on BOTH phones!!! Now I know why we have stuck by AT&T all of these years......Photobucket

I have to say, I Photobucket my new phone!!! We got the HTC Inspire.......super nice and so far easy to navigate! I obviously still have tons to learn about it, but so far it is amazing!!!!