Monday, September 3, 2012

InboxDollars and SendEarnings

A few years ago I had signed up for a site where you earn money for doing surveys, clicking on links, signing up for things and also for just clicking links in the emails they send. It was InboxDollars. I liked it, but I was having computer issues (had dial-up and a really slow computer) so I just let my account go. Recently I decided to give it a shot again and it is SO easy to earn cash! Granted it can take awhile to have the money add up (cash out is $30) but for what little bit of work you have to do it is worth it! I mean don't get me wrong, you can go gung ho and make quite a bit of money quickly, but some of the offers require a credit card. But, if you were going to do something along the lines of the offer anyway (like research car insurance or sign up for certain sites) then the points can add up quickly. They also send emails where they pay you just to read the email. (and it may only be .01-.02 for each email, but it does add up over time!) They also have a feature where if you do a search through their search engine you can earn money for that as well. Plus you earn when your friends sign up under your referral link.

If you are interested, here is my referral link to sign up:

You get $5 just for signing up! Now, as I said they do send emails from time to time so I would suggest using an email that is just for doing sites like this.

Also, there is another site that is EXACTLY the InboxDollars and it is called SendEarnings. Again, it works exactly like InboxDollars and is also just as easy to earn cash. Here is my refferal link for them:

Again, you won't make a ton of money but it does add up over time....and with Christmas coming any little bit will help!!