Monday, October 8, 2012

Another "survey" site

I found another survey site that seems to be fairly easy to's called iRazoo. You do need an invite to join, though. But as far as earning points and things, it seems easy! They have videos on their site, and you earn 2 points to watch them...but there are SO many, that you can almost earn a $5 Amazon gift card every single day by watching them!! And, the videos are long, but you only have to watch 40 seconds of them to earn credit! They also post special codes on their Facebook site that you can earn points with, and there are offers on their site that you can do to earn more. Like I always say, you won't get rich quick with this site, but earning a gift card every few days sounds great to me!!! Here is a link to join: (and yes, it is a referral link)