Friday, October 4, 2013

Fall is here!

I absolutely LOVE this time of year!!! Watching the leaves change, the cooler air.....even the smell of the air! And of course Halloween and Thanksgiving are coming up. The boys already have their costumes and are SO ready to trick-or-treat! I've been busy doing one of my favorite things.....decorating! It's been so long since i've been able to decorate. Before we moved, I had no desire at all to do hardly any decorating. In fact, I dreaded when the holidays would come round........and it was so hard seeing all the decorations everyone had up. Now, it's finally my turn!!! I've only done a few things as far as Halloween decorating. I may add more, but we will see. I love how things look right now!

Here is the entry way into the dining area.....

And here is pic of one of the tables I decorated...

And....we finally got some REAL pumkins for outside!!

I can't wait to carve them! The boys are just so excited with all the decorating and the holidays coming.

Also with the weather being  little bit cooler, Jeff and I took the boys camping for the very first time! Ok, so we camped out right in the back yard, but it was still fun!!

They had so much fun! At first they were a little scared, but once they realized we were all together and close to home they seemed to loosen up. Now they ask if we can camp out every weekend!!