Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday is here!!

Wow, where did this week go? I feel like this week completely got away from me! The weather this week wasn't too bad. We finally got some much needed rain around poor tomato plants really needed it! It's actually been pretty cool out, too. Today is supposed to be warm and humid again, but this weekend they are calling for more rain.......I say "Bring it on!!!" Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Monday night Zane was driving past our landlords driveway when he motioned Zane to pull in. So Zane pulled in to talk with him, and he told him that a house that is only a few hundred yards away from ours was broken in to! HOW SCARY!!! I couldn't believe it.....I mean, we live so far out I honestly never expected anything like that to happen around here. We live so far out, we don't even get trash pick up!!!!! So how in the world did someone find a home out here to break into?!? Needless to say, i've been scared to even open up the curtains during the day since Zane told me what happened. The landlord did tell Zane to let me know he would be keeping an eye out for us during the day since Ty and I are home by ourselves, and that if we needed him to just call.....I do feel more at ease knowing he is so close during the day, but it's still a little creepy. Hopefully we'll find out this weekend if anyone around here has heard any more info about the break-in......

Wednesday was such a gloomy day out. Around 1pm, we started hearing thunder, and the sky got darker. I was sitting in the recliner, working on some cross stitch when I caught something from the corner of my eye in the backyard. I looked out and saw this adorable little dog running towards the sliding glass door! I jumped up to go out to the pup, and when I opend the door she kept trying to get in. I scooped her up (after letting her sniff my hand several times) and she was shaking....poor little thing was scared of the storm. It was also starting to rain so I decided to bring her in. She had a collar on, so I tried to call the number but it had been disconnected. Her name was on the tag.....Tricky. She was adorable!!! She was a Pekinguese (sp?) and had been shaved. I just fell in love with her adorable face......and I knew someone had to be missing her! When Zane came home, we drove to the street behind our house and stopped at a home we thought she might belong to....turns out the lady didn't own her, but knew where she lived. So we drove to that house, but no one was home. One of the neighbor's said she definitely belongs to the people at that home, and that we could leave her on the porch. I felt so bad leaving her like that, but the neighbor said someone should be home soon to get her. It makes me sad that people don't provide better homes for the dogs. We always see a stray dog around here, and that ticks me off!! Those poor dogs could get hit by a car or truck, or get hurt by a raccoon or some other animal. *sigh* So sad.....

Speaking of animals, just this week we've had several deer in the backyard, that little dog, AND 3 wild turkeys!!! I've never seen more than one wild turkey at a time, but wednesday night there were 3 at once!! They are so cute and funny! We've also had some sort of yucky beetles flying around....there have been hundreds of them at a time flying around!! YUCK!!!

Well, I guess I need to get moving. Ty is about ready for his nap and if doesn't get one, he is grumpy! LOL Not sure what to have for dinner tonight.....maybe some fried shrimp? I have no idea........Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!!