Friday, July 27, 2007

Doctor yesterday

So, I had to go back to the doctor yesterday afternoon. I was a little ticked off that I had to go back.....all I really needed was a refill on my blood pressure pills, but they said I had to come in to see the doc since he didn't originally give me the meds. I honestly feel like it was a waste of a co-pay....especially since money was so tight this week. But, he did end up changing my sugar pills. I am now on Metformin, which I was kind of dreading to go back on....but, in the long run it will be cheaper and easier to control my sugar with that. Zane takes Metformin and his sugars have been excellent! The only downside to Metformin is the fact that it can make you go to the bathroom.......alot. And i'm not talking about #1, either!!! Ahh, well.....whatever I need to do to control my sugar i'm willing to do. I did gain 3 lbs in 2 weeks, though......WTH?!?!? I've been eating so good!! He didn't seem too worried about it, and said one of the pills could cause me to gain weight, which I am now off of that pill!! So hopefully i'll start to lose weight within the next week. I don't have to go back until late next month.....YEAH!!!!