Wednesday, July 18, 2007

And more thunder.....

It's thundering pretty good out there again today....I just wish we would get some darn rain out of it!!! It did the same thing yesterday. My tomato plants are looking so pitiful.....they need some good rain!! I did have my very first tomato turn red last week. It didn't get very big, but boy was it YUMMY!!! It was the best tomato i've had in a very long time. I have two more that are an orange color right now.....I just wish they would get bigger before they would turn! The two new mater's that are changing color are actually bigger then the first one, but not by much. Ahh, well.....hopefully we'll get some good rain so they can grow bigger. They still taste super yummy, no matter what size they are! LOL

So, I ordered my second free ipod shuffle today!!! I sold the first one I earned, so I was ready for a new one. Hopefully i'll get it just as fast as I did the first one.....I redeemed my points on Monday and got it Friday! I did pick the color orange again. I think i'm going to work on trying to either a nano or a video ipod next. I just won't work so hard at it! LOL I did have to whip out the credit card this time, but I didn't have anything charged to it except for .99. I signed up for eMusic and got 70 songs. Once I downloaded what I wanted I canceled right online. So, I guess you could say the shuffle cost me a total of .99! LOL It was fun, but i'm so glad i'm done and have my shuffle on the way!

Saturday I was checking out eBay for some cross stitch patterns and found a gorgeous pattern I can use to make some Christmas gifts! I also ordered a book from with some beautiful native American cross stitch patterns. The pattern from eBay and the book from amazon cost me a total of $6! (ok, ok...I used an gift card...LOL) Actually, it cost me nothing out of pocket because I used survey money I had in paypal. Now I need to build paypal back up so I can get the stuff I need to work on the cross stitch patterns i'm waiting on! LOL

I am STILL having a rough time getting my sugar readings under control. My morning readings (fasting numbers) are still in the 200's! Yesterday morning and this morning my reading was 204. I ate nothing after 7pm both nights. In fact, Monday night the only carbs I had at dinner time were from the rice! And I ate that at 5:30pm.....and ate nothing else after that! I increased one of my pills last night, but i'm thinking i'm going to have to bump it up again tonight. I know I can get this under control better....I just know I can! :)

Well, I guess I really should get off of here and get a few things done around here. Tonight for dinner we are having steak, rice, green beans, and possibly a salad for me. I'm cooking the steaks on the grill, that's for's too darn hot to cook in that kitchen! LOL

Hope everyone is having a great week!!!!


jamesnbethany said...

Christine, it sounds like you are really working hard to control it...and you're doing a GREAT job. Don't let those numbers get you down. They fluctuate so often...and I'm sure that it takes time for your body to adjust to your new dietary changes. I think you are doing wonderful and I hope that you'll continue to feel better!