Tuesday, July 10, 2007

*gasp* Can it be?!?!?

Is that THUNDER I hear in the distance?!? Oh my!!! I SO hope we get some rain out of the storms that are around us. We desperately need it. The poor grass is so burnt and hard. I don't know how Tyler walks barefoot on it! It's like walking on little needles....OUCH! They are actually calling for some good rain for us tonight and throughout the day tomorrow.

So, we have a follow-up doctor's appointment for this coming thursday at 10am. I can't wait! Zane needs to have his sugar pill changed since the pill he is on isn't working like it should. I feel so bad.....the last appointment we had was screwed up because of my pressure being so high. Zane kind of got pushed to the back burner. :( They did write him a 'script for his blood pressure pills and sugar pills, but he and the doctor didn't get to talk much about the medicines. So hopefully all of that will get straightened out.

My pressure has been almost perfect, thank goodness! My sugar readings on the other hnad still need much work. I really want to get back into exercising to help keep it under control. It's so hard because carbs are everywhere!!!! Everytime I think I finally find something that won't mess with my sugar too badly, I read the label and see the carbs in it. Ahh well, we'll get it under control.

Well, I know this is short but the thunder is getting stronger and closer so I guess that's my signal to get off of here. For dinner tonight we are grilling some steaks....YUM!! Not sure what else to have with it, though.......hope everyone is having a great week!!!