Friday, September 14, 2007


It's so nice to look out and see some rain, since we need it so badly. Plus, it fits my mood....blah!! This cough I have is kicking my butt!! I honestly don't feel that bad (well, other than this darn tooth bugging me again....grrr!) but this cough is crazy!! Ever since I can remember, i've had coughs that are a real pain to settle. No matter what kind of cough syrup I try or cough drop, I still end up coughing.......ummm, hello!!! I'd like to get some sleep instead of cough my head off, thank you very much!!! I've been seriously thinking about trying that cough syrup called Dyslem (?sp), but it's so darn expensive!! I would hate to buy it and it not work, just like everything else i've tried. Oh well, we'll see.........

So, we took Ty's old clothes to OUAC, and they only bought the winter clothes we had.....we did get $27 out of it, so that's not bad I guess. We'll try them again in the spring time to see if they'll buy anything else. :)

Well, I know this is short, but it's Ty's nap time and I think i'm going to nap today also. I had a rough night last night with all the coughing, plus I had a sugar low so I was up a while dealing with that......i'm exhausted!!! Hope everyone has a great friday!!!!!


bluehoneytigger said...

Rain, I thought we were going to get big time rain and flooding and well we’ve not even got a drop. :)
I understand about the coughing. Karreem goes though that every time he gets a cold and the cough last for about a month. The cold last a few days but the cough goes on and on. Nothing ever helps it. Mom always gets on my case make him take something, she just don't understand that it don't help, so why bother.
Glad they bought those things from you. That gives me hope. Only if I can get there someday to check the place out. So tired all the time and Not big on going to the mall by myself.