Monday, November 26, 2007

Can't believe

It is less than a month until Christmas!!! I can't wait!!! Yesterday I got to wrap a few more gifts for Ty before he woke up from his nap....I still have so much more to do!! And I know I keep saying i'm done with shopping for him, but today I found a Spongebob Christmas dvd for only .99!! I could NOT pass that up!! We still need to get my dad and Z's dad Christmas gifts, plus I need to figure out what i'm going to get Zane......i'm hoping I get the amazon gift cards i'm waiting for in time to order him something from there.

So, our Thanksgiving was nice....just quiet since it was just us 3. But, the food was YUMMY, so I was happy! LOL We brought our Christmas decorations down and finished up decorating the tree.....I think it looks cute!!

Zane got off work early on Saturday and suprised Tyler and I by taking us to the Festival of Trees in downtown Knoxville!! Our landlord volunteer's to help set up the event and he gave us free tickets to get in......$10 a person without the tickets!! (but, in my opinion, well worth it!) They hold it at the Convention Center, and have well over 100 Christmas tree's decorated!! Plus, they had a carousel and a ride for kids to get on. Tyler was too small for the ride on, and he was scared of the carousel! LOL But, they had TONS of crafts for kids to do, so he got to decorate his very own sugar cookie, and made mommy, his mom-mom and his granny an adorable thumbprint snowman ornament!! There were other crafts, but they were more geared towards older children.

And the trees.....oh my goodness!! They were SO gorgeous!!! They had a tree decorated by Chick-fil-A, and a western-themed Christmas tree with cowboy hats and REAL cowboy boots on it!! They also had several trees decorated with the college football colors, orange and white. All of the trees are for sale to the public, and all of the money collected (including admission, craft money and the sale of the trees) went to the Children's Hospital here in Knoxville......such a wonderful cause!!!! One tree/display they had was selling for just over $8,000!!!

I am kicking myself in the butt for not taking my camera, though!!!! :( We went two years ago and I remembered it being pretty dark inside (they only turn on a few ceiling lights because the lights from the trees are bright enough! LOL) so I didn't think I would be able to get any good pics, but once we were there I saw it would have been just right for taking pics!! Oh well, we still had a blast!!!! Zane get's me an ornament every year, and this year he got it for me from the's an adorable gingerbread family ornament with our names on it!!! Between that ornament and the one Ty made me, I was so is the ornament Ty made me:

And here is the ornament Zane got for me.....I just LOVE it!!!

It was such a special day..........


bluehoneytigger said...

That was really cool to get to see the lights. Jess loves our lights on our tree. She asks me to turn the lights on ever time I turn around. The gingerbread family is cute we got a Deer family last year. I'll try and get a pic for you later. Hugs

Christine said...

LOL, Ty is the same with our lights.....they are always on! :)

Patrice said...

How sweet. Shoot, we need to get out to Knoxville. We haven't been over there since before Elway was born. I LOVE that ornament. So cute. :D

Man, today is exactly 2 months til Elway is 4. Our babies are getting big (well not in height for Elway at 2'11"--hahahaha)

Christmas gets so much more fun each year, but it means all my babies have birthdays coming up--and I mean all including Patrick. LOL!

Christine said...

LOL, I know what you mean!! I'm really into Christmas this year, especially with Ty being older, but am really dreading in the world can they be turning 4 already!?!?