Friday, November 30, 2007

The tree is up....

...presents are wrapped.....COME ON CHRISTMAS!!!!! I SO can't wait to see Tyler's face on Christmas morning! We got him a huge 42in. stocking from the Dollartree to put stocking stuffers in. We didn't get him alot for his stocking, but some of the things are a little big for a regualr sized stocking, so we got the big one! Wal-mart had a stocking that was 3?in. (not sure what size it was again...) for $2.97, so I figured it would be smarter to get the huge stocking from Dollartree. Also, to help get in the Chrismtas spirit even more we've been playing Christmas music on Sirius radio, Country Roadhouse. They play lots of old classic music, which I love!!!! Burl Ives, Gene Autry, Brenda Lee.....LOVE it!!! I also got a free Christmas ringtone for my cellphone! LOL

Now if I could only stop myself from getting more gifts for Tyler i'll be good to go! Everytime I get a gift card for someplace my first thought is, "ok, what can I get for Ty?!?" I did get something ordered for Zane that should be here sometime next week. It's not what I originally wanted to get him, but I know he will love it. I'm still waiting for at least $45 in gift cards for Amazon that I should hopefully have within the next week or so.....possibly even another $40 to go with that. I just wish Amazon Prime wasn't so gosh darn expensive. I'd love to find a few people to go in on a prime membership with......that would be awesome!!



bluehoneytigger said...

Sounds like you’ve been a busy little bee. Tyler is going to go nuts Christmas morning. I can’t wait for Jess to open all her gifts. It’s going to be the best Christmas yet. I still haven’t earned enough points yet to get any gift cards or Pay pal money. : ( pout, pout but I’m trying. I just don’t qualify for very many surveys. Oh, here is a link to my Christmas ornament from last year.

Christine said...

Aww, love that ornament!!! The older Ty gets the more fun Christmas keeps getting! I am so ready for Christmas to get here! LOL

I got the $45 amazon from doing the Bartrender survey....did I send you the link to join them? They pay you $25 amazon for the first survey you do, then $10 for every other survey. I also have a few other places that i'm still new to using, so once I verify they are legit i'll pass them along to you.