Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Recent mail

Well, mail hasn't been all that great but I have gotten a few things. The past few days i've gotten:

- a hat from some site (don't remember the name)
- an SD 1GB memory card, free!
- $20 total in Amazon gc's (rec'd $10 11/26 & 11/27...already used to get Z's Christmas gift!)
- $5 Paypal from Pinecone (rec'd today)
- Tyler got a box from his granny and grandpa with Christmas presents in it, and with a gift from his Uncle Dave.....now to try and keep him away from tehm until Christmas morning! LOL
- Another damn bill from the hospital! Actually, it came from a collection place......looks like we'll have to make another call to them! UGH, they drive me crazy!!!

I'll update this when today's mail comes....that is, if I get any good free samples! LOL :)