Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Doctor appointment this Thursday

Well, I finally have an appointment for the doctor this Thursday. I originally had it scheduled in October, but Zane was sick the week of my appointment, so we had to reschedule the date. Then a few days before that appointment, the doctors office called and said they needed to reschedule me because the nurse was going to be off the day of my appointment. (Yes, the office only has ONE nurse!! Weird, huh?!?) So, the appointment is finally coming up! It's supposed to be a full physical, so it will most likely be a long visit. I'm anxious to see where my A1C is, since my readings have been pretty good for the past few months. I'm not looking forward to seeing how bad my weight has gotten...I am so disgusted with that!! I've still been exercising and eating good, but my weight keeps going up!! From what i've read and after talking with other people, it's from the Actos I am taking. I'm going to see how my A1C test is, and if it's come down i'm going to talk to my doctor about going off of Actos. The weight gain has been horrible for my self-esteem, which is pretty low anyway.....I might even talk to him about taking a presciption weight loss pill to help get some of this weight off of me, if I have to keep taking the Actos. Lots of diabetics have had great success with it, so i'll talk with him more about it. Although, the thought of taking something like that doesn't appeal to me, I realize I need some kind of help with this weight so i'll give it a shot if the doctor says it's ok. I guess i'll find out on Thursday. I'll be so to post how it all goes when I get back from the appointment!!


bluehoneytigger said...

I know exactly how you feel about your weight. Sometimes for me it’s like what’s the point in starving yourself of yummy junk food and exercise your butt off and still have nothing to show for it. I work and work and still can’t seem to shed one more lousy pound. I want to do better but if I had results I may think more of doing the work to keep it off. It was great when I was pregnant cause lost 20 lbs. I applaud you for trying.

Christine said...

Exactly, Pam!! I was exercising at least 6 days a week, and for what?!? To gain 6 lbs?!? Now i'm lucky if I exercise 2 days a week. :( I'm so glad my sugar is under control, but the weight gain is awful......hopefully the doctor will give me some insight in the next few days. Thansk for understanding, sweetie...**hugs**