Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Quick mom update

I realize I haven't updated about my mom lately....i'm so sorry!! There really isn't anything more to update just yet. She is still hurting pretty badly. She has an appointment with a stomach doctor/specialist on Thursday and she see's the surgeon on Friday to find out when they will be doing the surgery. Hopefully Friday she'll find out when her surgery will take place. She is still very worried about what they will find, as we all are. :( She's been pretty down about the holiday's coming up and not being able to shop for gifts......we did send her an ornament that Ty made for her and she said that really lifted her spirits up ALOT!! And the Christmas card we sent her helped with that as well. I just wish we could get up there to MD to be with her at Christmas time.....I hate being so far away.

I'll update when I find out anything from her appointments this week! Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers!! **hugs**


bluehoneytigger said...

Man they sure are taking there time about doing that surgery. They need to hurry it up a bit. Keep us posted. Hugs

Christine said...

Oh I know!! And she is so miserable, it makes me so sad. :( I know they wanted to make sure the aspirin was out of her system, but dang! I'll be sure to update when I have more info....**hugs** back to you!