Friday, November 9, 2007

Mail update :)

Well, the mail hasn't been too bad lately. This is what I have received this past week....

- $10 Target gfit card from InHomeProductTesting
- $2 survey check from NetVerdix
- Close To My Heart acrylic stamps (very cute...and free!)
- American Flaf (it was HUGE!)
- An adorable Lightning McQueen car from Amazon...perfect stocking stuffer! (paid for with gift cards)

And today, FedEx brought a VERY cool gift from Calphalon from a gift registry I did! It had a really nice bowl scrapper, a set of measuring spoons (LOVE them!!) and a cute nonstick muffin pan that makes 6 at a time!!! I can't beleive it was all free!!!

Not really a mail freebie, but yesterday we went to Target to look for new shoes for Ty. They had a cute pair of sneakers for only $6.47!!!! With the gift card, they were basically free!!!!!!! :)


bluehoneytigger said...

Very cool!!! lucky you

Patrice said...

Holy cow! I only got the Target card and "chiney" wipes from In home product testing. And free airborne and finally spend my GC's to complete our Red Dwarf collection. The calphalon set sounds nice. Drool.

Christine said...

Thanks, Pam!!

Patrice, if you go to slickdeals, go to the post that talks about the wedding registry and getting free stuff. It's super easy, and all FREE!!

Way to go on using your amazon gc's!! That's how we did almost all of our christmas shopping this year for Ty.....:)