Friday, November 9, 2007


Hi, all! I want to thank everyone for the very sweet emails and comments I received. They were so very sweet and I really appreciate them all!! **hugs**

Basically, Zane and I went through a pretty rough patch, that has technically been going on for quite awhile, and it all came to a head this past Monday. I was so angry and fed up with things, I was going to leave Zane and go back to MD to be with family and friends. After talking things out with a few people and sitting down and talking things through with Zane, I agreed to stay. We still have a long way to go, but with better communication we should be back on track in time.

I'm so sorry if my posts came off as being over dramatic or asking for attention.....I didn't mean them to come off that way at all!! I just needed a break from online to think about things and didn't want to just disappear.

Now, on another note: I got a call from my mom yesterday morning saying my dad was taking her to the hospital because she wasn't feeling well. Actually, she hasn't been feeling well for over a month now! We've all been telling her to see her doctor, but she kept putting it off until she really felt bad. Well, I got another call yesterday evening from my dad saying the hospital is going to keep her there for a little while, and that they did x-rays and they showed no bruised ribs (she thought she either fractured them or bruised them from all the coughing she has been doing on and off for over a month...) but the x-ray did show some sort of spot/mass in or on her stomach that they weren't sure what it is. :( The doctor did say it could be some really inflamed tissue from her coughing so much, but they won't know much until the test results come in sometime today. So, here I sit in TN worrying like hell about my mom back in MD, not knowing what is wrong or going on. My dad promised to call and update me today, but he's not the greatest when it comes to talking on the phone (I love him, though!!) so I'm hoping one of my sisters is there with them and they may call me. I'm so scared and worried something is really wrong. If y'all can please keep my mom in your thoughts and/or prayers, I would greatly appreciate it. I'll update when I get some news.......

Then, on top of everything else this week, Firefox proceeded to remove all of my bookmarked websites overnight!! Wasn't that nice of them?!?!? AHHH!!!!!!

Once again, I thank you all so much for the love and support you always give to me....I don't know what I would do without you all!! **hugs**


Anonymous said...

Oh ((HUG)) Chris--I'm sorry all this is going on. :( I know we've never met IRL yet, but I'm here to vent to if you need to. I thought about you today. I went to th Dr for my asthma a got caught with a BP of 208/122 Ugh.

More ((HUGS))

Christine said...

ACK, that is high!! I sure hope your BP can get under control, sweetie....

Thank you so much for the hugs and comforting words....they mean so very much to me!!!

**hugs** right back to you!!!