Friday, December 7, 2007

Had such a great day yesterday!!

So, yesterday was Zane's day off. I found out on wednesday night that Zanes shop won some sort of contest (through the head/corporate office) and they were going to be getting money for winning!! He had no idea how much, but his boss was going to be bringing the money by Z's shop yesterday. The manager finally called Z around 2:30pm to let him know the checks were there, so we left to pick it up........when we get there we found out the check was for $250!!!! How awesome is that?!? Gosh, we totally needed that this week since rent was due. We hit Sam's Club on the way home and got a few things we needed from there, then went over to Wal-mart. Yesterday we ended up getting Ty even more things for Christmas!!! There is just no hope for us, is there?!? LOL Wal-mart had a Disney Car's blanket marked down to only $7!! It is SO cute! We also got him some cars from the movie Cars for his stocking....3 total yesterday. We did get him a pair of new pj's for Christmas eve, but Z had to take them back today becuase they were too small. The pants fit but the shirt was too small. We're going back to Wal-mart sunday to see if they have another pair in his size, since the Wal-mart he went to this morning didn't have Ty's size. One good deal we got yesterday was on batteries.....we got 72 batteries (48 AA and 24 AAA) for only $12! Just in time for Christmas! LOL We also got our dad's a cool shirt for Christmas, so if we could stop buying for Ty, we would be DONE!!!!!! I still haven't gotten Z's Christmas present I ordered. It was supposedly shipped last week, so hopefully i'll be getting it any day. I'll just be glad to have it in my hands. I think when I do get it i'm going to wrap it and put it under the tree just to drive him crazy! LOL

To top yesterday off, Zane treated us to a nice, sit-down Texas Roadhouse!!! OMG, they ROCK!!! I just love their baked potatoes....and their ribs and steak kick some serious butt!!! Although, last night I decided to get the grilled shrimp instead of ribs.....mmmm, SO good. And their rolls......I was in heaven!!! It was so nice to have a dinner like was just perfect!!!

Well, I need to go search for some ribbon I need....tonight for dinner we're having ham steaks off the grill, with some sort of veggie. YUM!!!!


bluehoneytigger said...

That is so cool about the extra money. It always comes in handy. That's a lot of money :) I’m so glad that you guys got to go out and have a nice dinner together. When they have meetings at Karreem's work they take them all out to dinner and to really fancy restaurant. There is this one place that serves Black Angus Stakes and you get to go to the butcher's counter and choose the one you want. It’s so expensive that a stake dinner starts out at $30.00 and that don’t include drinks. Jess and I are going to be home while Karreem get to go out next week for his meeting and dinner. I hate that we can’t go with him but at least he gets to eat well.
That’s a great price on batteries. We are going to need more for Christmas presents.

Christine said...

ACK, I don't think I could eat something that cost $30....I would choke on it!! LOL Z's boss took him to breakfast this morning at Cracker Barrel, which I thought was pretty nice. They do offer them dinner if they have to stay for meetings, but nothing like where Karreem goes...usually they only offer pizza! LOL

bluehoneytigger said...

Well it's a little different with Air Routing because they make tons of money from Celebrities and big company's. As long as they are buying I don't really see the harm in eating free food. It's a tax write off from them anyway. The food is great it’s called Taste of Texas. When we go for our Anniversary I usually get a cheeseburger.