Friday, December 7, 2007

My doctor appt. yesterday

It actually went pretty good!! They did a complete physical, which I haven't had done in years. They first tested my urine, then took blood for my A1C test and for cholesterol and other things. My A1C was awesome!!! I went from being over 11 down to 5.7, in only 6 months!!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket How awesome is that?!?!? I am actually in the normal range! Plus, my blood pressure is rockin', too!!! The doctor was truly impressed with how well i've done with my sugar and my blood pressure. Especially since when I first went to see him my pressure was 270/160!

Now onto some not so great news. My cholesterol is pretty high, which is kind of common in diabetics. Plus, my weight is up. I have gained 20 lbs in 6 months! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I put part of the blame on the Actos. Since taking it, that is when most of the weight gain started. Since I need to stay on it, I broke down and told the doctor I was interested in the weight loss pill we had talked about, phentermine. I've talked with several people who have had great success with it, including my doctor!! I asked him all about the side effects and he told me all about it. So, I told him I would start taking it within the next few days. Having to break down and take it makes me feel like such a failure, though. Why couldn't I do this on my own, darn it?!? But, I know I need to get this weight off somehow, and that I do need some help with it. So, I will be picking the prescription up most likely on Sunday morning. If this weight can come off, then it should help with the cholesterol and hopefully i'll be able to go off of Actos! I'll be sure to let everyone know how it works!!

Also, with the urine sample, he was concerned with that the most because there was some blood in it, and it was not from aunt flo. He wanted me to come back in 2 weeks to get re-tested but there was no way I could come up with the co-pay to see him again so quickly, and so close to the holidays. So he settled for me coming back the second week of January. His office will be closing down on the 21st of this month and won't reopen until January 2nd so that's one other reason why i'm waiting to go back on the 10th. Hopefully by then i'll have lost some of this pesky weight!!! Also, I was given a tetnus shot and a flu shot yesterday and boy do my arms hurt this morning!! Where I got the tetnus shot is hot to the touch as, huh?!? LOL


bluehoneytigger said...

Where you got your shot's put a hot compress on that area and that will help with the pain. It did for me the last time I got my tetanus. My cholesterol has been bad for a while now. The doctor told me to start taking Fish oil pills to help lower it. I’ll let you know if that helped. Zocor alone was not helping enough. I really hope that weight loss pill helps you. It would be nice if we never had to sit and think about all these health problems and could focus on other more enjoyable things like our children. Its great about your sugar and your BP.

Christine said...

Cool, i'll try the hot compress in a few minutes.....I didn't even think of trying that! The doctor said he would look into putting me on something for my cholesterol at the next visit, but i'm hoping once I drop some weight and get back into exercising again it will do better. I would really rather not have to add another pill to what I already take!! (heck, i'm adding another pill to it this weekend with the weightloss pill....yuck!!)

bluehoneytigger said...

I know what that's like not wanting to take another pill I take so many it's not funny. I take like 10. No joke. It sucks! But 2 of those are fish oil.