Friday, January 18, 2008

Back on Phentermine!!!

After being off of Phentermine for over a week, I'm officially back on it!! I had a check-up with the doctor yesterday and my pressure and sugar were doing great! My weight is doing ok....I was back up to 2 pounds but he still said I was doing good with it. I did find out I wasn't supposed to be eating as much when I am taking this pill......i'm only supposed to eat breakfast, *maybe* lunch, and NO dinner!!! WTH?!?!? I told him I didn't think that sounded very healthy at all, but he assured me it was fine as long as I was taking a multi-vitamin and a fiber pill in the morning. So, we shall see. I will say feels SO good to not be starving all the time!!!! The past week without taking this pill has been so hard......that darn actos makes me feel like I am always hungry! I also have some good energy, so i'm ready to get back into gear and get this weight off for good!!! Now that aunt flo is gone I have the energy to exercise again too, so that is a great thing!!!!!!!

Hopefully i'll be able to update my weight loss ticker more often now!! :)


Patrice said...

Why'd you have to be off the meds for a week??

No dinner!?!?!? Eek! That would ruin me. I LOVE my lunch and dinner--don't like breakfast unless I'm up early and hungry. Sounds like you're doing great though. You've probably got water lag from just finishing AF.

When are y'all going to start TTC??

Christine said...

Well, I was supposed to see the doctor on the 10th but had to reschedule the appointment to the 17th. They only give you 30 days worth of the pill and I ran out of them on the 9th. It was a looonnnggg week! LOL I don't think i'm going to give up eating lunch or dinners, just cut back like I had been doing. Portion control is so much easier than cutting out a meal all together!

As far as TTC, we're going to shoot for either late summer or early fall....I guess it all depends on how this weight loss stuff goes and how we're doing financially by then. :)