Friday, January 18, 2008


So, I talked to my mom yesterday. She had her port inserted and it all went smoothly! She said it was hurting a little last night, but she had taken something for pain and was waiting for it to kick in. The doctor also gave her a prescription for some anti-nausea pills that she may need once chemo is started, so they got that filled yesterday so she would have them. I talked to her this morning for a few minutes and she sounded a little nervous since chemo starts today. She had called to talk to Ty before they left for the first treatment to help ease her mind a little, and when I got back on the phone with her she sounded more relaxed so that made me feel good! I may not hear from her today since I told her she didn't need to call me when she got home if she wasn't feeling well, so I may not find out how the first treatment went until this weekend....i'll be sure to update when I talk with her!!

My mom called a little while ago and she was home! She said it wasn't bad at all and for now she was feeling really good. She is going to try take it easy this weekend, although she said she wanted to go to the dollar store this weekend to pick out a valentine's day card for Ty....she said she doesn't trust my dad to pick out a card for Ty! LOL Her next treatment is in 3 weeks, but she has an appointment next week to have some blood work done to make sure things are still good.....thanks so much everyone for your thoughts and prayers!! **hugs**


Patrice said...

Wow, I'm glad she sounded more at ease. That's so hard. My grandfather had cancer. He didn't have chemo though, he had radiation only and it made him feel so tired and weak. :(

Sounds like your Mom is getting good care and she is so lucky to have a great support system. I pray she doesn't get too sick from the treatments. ((HUGS)) again.

Christine said...

I jsut updated how the first treament went! So far so good! :)

Thanks so much for all the prayers, sweetie....the mean so much! **hugs* back to you!

bluehoneytigger said...

I'm so glad that everything is going well. I hope it continues that way. Hugs