Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Final totals for 2007

Ok, so I started adding up all the gift cards, checks, cash and Paypal payments I got and I think I did fairly good!!!

Gift cards:
Starbucks - $20
Cold Stone Creamery - $10
Target - $20 - $470!!!!

Pinecone Research:

Random survey payments:
Between checks, cash and Paypal - $324!!

So the grand total for 2007 was $964!!! WOW, I can't believe it!!! Plus. if you add all the great free things I got including the free Sonicare toothbrush, all the free shutterfly codes, 2 free ipod shuffles and other great things, it's well over $1,400!! I sure hope this year goes just as good!


bluehoneytigger said...

Be careful. They say anything over $600 you have to clam on your taxes at the end of the year. But I'm not sure if that is all one place or several.

But lucky you!!!

Christine said...

I *think* I remember asking someone about it and was told it had to be from one place, but I could be wrong. When we get our taxes done i'll be sure to ask the accountant....thanks for reminding me about that, Pam!! :)

And trust me, if you keep it up with Pinecone and the other survey places (plus some new one's I send you as I find them) it will start to add up for you as well! I'll do my best to get you the hook-up!

Sandi said...

hmmm how do you do all these? Send me an e-mail! I'd like to as well. I do and I have gotten a lot of gift cards through them over the years. But that is the only one. Let me know!! :)

Christine said...

Sure, i'd be GLAD to get you the hook-up, sweetie!!! But.....I need your email. ;)