Thursday, July 17, 2008


So I finally got to talk to my mom today! It had been over 2 weeks since i've talked to her, and she sounded amazing!!! She sounded JUST like she did before she got sick...I almost cried hearing her sound like that! She is still in the hospital, but they are working on finding her a nursing home/rehab place that can take care of her, as well as do the therapy she needs. I only talked to her for a minute or so, but I talked to my dad for a few minutes and her said she is doing great. She still doesn't have her appetite back so she has a feeding tube/bag to help with that, plus she has a special bandage that is helping drawal out the infection she still has in/near the incesion that she still needs to use, so that is what is taking so long with finding a home/rehab place. They need to work with her with the bandage and feeding tube/bag, PLUS not be too far away. My dad said they have hopes of her leaving the hospital tomorrow. He also apologized for not updating me so often, and I told him it was perfectly fine! I mean, yes I miss talking to her and hearing how she is doing, but it is so hard on my dad going back and forth from home to the hospital every single day and I understand that.

SO! Once she is in the rehab place it should only be a matter of time before she is coming home!!!!


Patrice4 said...

OMG, yay! Sounds like she's slowly but surely getting there. Woo Hoo! Any more updates? I see I'm pretty behind--boo me. I'm sorry. :(

Christine said...

Nothing new yet....i'm hoping the next call I get is from her saying she is home!! :)

Don't be sorry, hun......I know your busy!! I love getting comments from you, no matter how far behind you get!! *hugs*