Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at the Marshall's

Tyler was awake at 6am, ready to open presents while sporting his new pj's, slippers and robe:

Opening up his first gift,Hotwheel cars from Aunt Pam and family:

A Cars game set with 7 different games from Aunt Dee and family:

A Hess truck from Uncle Dave:

Some Matchbox cars from mommy & daddy (he got two sets):

Leapfrog Tag reader and Spongebob book from mommy & daddy:

Diego Chutes and Ladders from mommy and daddy(it's actually really cute!):

Tag reader case and I Spy book from granny and grandpa (he loves I Spy!):

Cabbage Patch boy baby from mommy and daddy:

Lincoln logs:

Hungry hungry hippos:

Elefun the Elephant:

The Incredibles dvd:

Ty's very own digital camera!:


Emptying his stocking:

Even Nibbles got a gift! A friend from Z's work gave Nibbles a cute little baby "smoothie": it has a hooded towel, washcloth and finger puppet all set up inside a cup to look like a smoothie:

We had a very nice Christmas! We did end up going to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg Christmas Eve and got our funnel cakes, but we ran into a HUGE thunderstorm while in Gatlinburg!! The lightning was so creepy while on the mountain.....and it rained so hard it started to flood!! I did get to talk to family yesterday. My oldest sister and her family went to my dad's for Christmas, as did one of my other sisters and her family. Plus, my mom's brother (who is also battling cancer) was there. I had originally called to wish my dad a merry Christmas and he had told my oldest sister was there and everyone else was on the way, then he got a little choked up and said "I really wish you could be here, but of course I understand." We talked for a minute or too longer and he sounded so sad. :( My sister Dee got on the phone and we talked a little. I asked how dad was doing and she said he was holding up good, but had mentioned to her he really wished Tyler, Zane and I could be there but said not to say anything to anyone. I knew this holiday would be a little rough since it's only been 2 months since mom has been gone, but it really hit after I talked with my family.


Patrice4 said...

How cute! Tyler made out like a bandit! hahahahha And that smoothie is cute! Can you believe I read the title of this post "Christmas at Marshall's"? And I thought, Christmas at Marshall's? The store? Ohhhhh. hahahahahaha

((HUGS)) to your dad. :( I wish you could have been there too. Are your uncle's kids still being sucky? How is he doing?

Christine said...

LOL, when I typed it out I thought about the store Marshall's....hahahahaha!!!

From what my dad siad he is still doing good, but his kids still don't have much to do with him. That just pisses me off!! >:(

Patrice4 said...

Hahahaha. Now if only you guys could have a chunk of the Marshall's fortune. :p

Your cousins are so not right. Poor uncle.