Monday, August 31, 2009

It is official

Tyler is a full time kindergartner!!! Today was his first full start day, and he will go M-F from 7:45am to 1pm. I was so very proud of him when I dropped him off this morning. They have helpers outside to assist the riders and although they are both awesome, one of them has taken a major liking to Tyler. When we had kindergarten orientation last Thursday, all of the kids were in the gym watching a movie.....well, when we went to get Ty to get ready to leave the one lady saw I had Chase and came up and said "There's that baby!! I asked Tyler if his baby brother was around!" We talked for a few minutes and when we were leaving she said "Bye Tyler! See you Monday!" He really likes her as well!! Well, this morning she was the one who helped him out of the van and she was so excited to see him!! I told him I loved him and to have a good day and he waved back and said "You have a good day too, mommy!" I can't get over how grown up he looked. We really love his teacher and everyone we have met over the last few weeks, which has made him going to school so much more easier...on me!! LOL

Ty took his papers for school pictures (which I am pissed about since they didn't give us hardly any time to get the money in for pics....and the money is due when pics are taken, TOMORROW!!! ) and a form and money for Z and I to join the PTA...i'm officially a PTA mom!! The only downside is there really isn't too much I can do to help physically in the school or classrooms because of Chase, but I will still be involved in decisions and can help with other things which I like.

It's still a rough transition since Ty has been by my side for over 6 years (that includes in-utero LOL) but i'm slowly coming the time i'm adjusted to it i'll have to let Chase go to school!!! AHHHH!!!!!!