Wednesday, August 12, 2009

She has returned.....

The witch is back. Aunt flo is officially here. In a way i'm actually glad to be back to "normal" so soon after having Chase. With Ty I never had the chance to get a normal aunt flo since I had an iud put in a few weeks after he was born, and boy did that mess with my felt like I bled all.the.time. It was better then when I was on the depo shot, THAT was awful. It took me over a year to get my cycle back after getting off of that thing. When the iud came out last year so we could ttc I went right back to normal and we got pregnant the very first cycle. I would honestly love to have another iud inserted until we get better health insurance so Z can get neutered, but I supposedly met my "quota" with the insurance company and they won't cover it. (already vented about that, sorry....)

So, welcome back aunt flo! Photobucket