Thursday, October 22, 2009

Parent/teacher conference

We had Ty's first teacher conference and it went great!! She told us how she is really impressed with how well mannered he is and how much he has improved with his writing and coloring since school started, and how he has come along way from the crying he did the first week or so of school. He does need to work on his fine motor skills and keeping focused on what is going on. She said he gets along great with the other kids and her, and even said "I love having him in my class.....he gets my jokes!" LOL She also said he is in a reading group and it's the highest there is. He'll bring his report card home tomorrow, but from what we saw he had almost all "E"'s which are excellent. We are so proud of him!!!!


Staci said...

That's so wonderful! Sounds like he's doing great!