Monday, November 16, 2009


So my wonderful cold turned into a sinus infection. I have never felt pain like that in my life....and I pushed out two kids!!! The whole left side of my face hurt so bad, all I could do was cry. At first I thought it could be a toothache, but I used orajel and it didn't take away any pain at all. And, I had TONS of pressure from my upper left jaw up into my left eye.....I swear my left eye socket felt like someone punched me in it. Z left work early on Friday to take me to the dentist to rule out a tooth problem, and on the way to the dentist I got a HUGE amount of pressure in my nose and the pain eased up on my jaw/teeth......I then got a nasty taste in my mouth so I blew my nose and I felt so much better!! I guess I got rid of some of the infection?!?!? I don't know, but it was such a relief. It was short lived, though. The dentist ruled out a tooth problem and said it is most definitely a very bad sinus infection, and by the time I left the dentist the pain was coming back. We called our family doctor and he called me in a prescription for an antibiotic. By the time we got home on Friday I was crying again from the pain. :( Z got me some sinus meds from the store and I took them so I could try and get some sort of rest. It did ease up the pain some, thank goodness. My left eye was just about closed shut by Saturday, so Z took the boys grocery shopping so I could stay home and get some rest and it was SO nice! I have to say, Z was SO amazing during all of this. For some reason I was so clingy towards him.......when he wasn't home and I was hurting, I missed him SO much. He was truly amazing. I've been on the antibiotics for a few days and they've relieved the swelling so much, plus i'm still taking some sinus pills AND taking advil. As long as I keep up with the meds the pain isn't as bad. In fact, today is the best i've felt since this all started last Thursday morning!