Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey day is over......

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!! We went to MD to be with family for the holiday, and it was so nice to be around everyone again. We left on Wednesday at 3:30pm and made it to the in-laws house around 11:45pm. The boys did fairly decent........we were on the road for all of 5 minutes when Ty said "I'm hungry, can we get dinner?" And this was before 4pm! After he got some food in his belly, he then kept asking "Are we there yet?" "Are we in Virginia yet?" Are we in MD yet?" Chase got fussy on and off but did well otherwise. When we got the in-laws, they were both up because they were so excited about seeing the of course Chase was all wound up and over stimulated, so when we went to bed at midnight he was upset and screaming! Plus it was a strange place to him so that made it even worse. Needless to say Z and I didn't get to go to sleep until well after 2am. Thanksgiving day was nice. Z's cousins came over and got to see the baby. The dinner was SO yummy!!!! The in-laws asked us if we would get the boys their Christmas gifts and since there were a few deals on black Friday we decided to venture out while my mother in law watched the boys. NOT fun!!! Toys R Us had a Leapster handheld game system on sale I wanted to get for Ty and the sale started Midnight. Well, Z got up and was at TRU at 11:45pm and they were lined up completely around the building!! Needless to say he turned around and came back and went back to bed. LOL Well, Target had 2 things we also wanted to get Ty, so we got up and left at 4:30am Friday morning and decided to hit TRU first to see if they possibly had any of the systems left. We went to the one Z had gone to and they were all sold out. Well, there was another TRU near the Target we were going to so we hit that one and they had ONE system left!!!! We quickly grabbed it and left the store. We then went to Target, which was such a mess!! They opened at 5am and we got there 10 minutes after they opened and I couldn't believe how crazy people were. Z dropped me off at the door and I went in and got what we wanted and by the time I was done Z was already in the store. We went back to the in-laws and at 7am we woke the boys up and went to visit mom and get some running done. It was so hard to see mom, but it felt so good. We picked up some fake flowers for mom, which Ty picked out. I took a few pics that I need to re size before I post. After we saw mom we went to visit my girlfriend and her little was so nice to see them again!! When we left there we hit a few grocery stores to pick up a few things to take home with us. On Saturday we went to my dad' looked amazing!!! He's lost a total of 40lbs and is eating so much better and exercising. I am so very proud of him!! At noon time we went to my sister Dee's house, which is where everyone was getting together. It was so nice seeing everyone and having them meet Chase and see how big Ty has gotten!! Plus, my sister is an amazing cook and she did a turkey dinner that was SO good.........*drool* I miss living close to my family.....I really need to work on getting them to move closer!! LOL All in all it was great seeing them. We left MD close to 7am yesterday and got home a little after 3:30pm.

Now on to the bad stuff. Both boys are sick, yet again, and all 4 of us have pink eye! I noticed Saturday morning that Ty's left eye looked a little pink and blood shot but I just assumed he had rubbed his eye kind of hard. That afternoon he told me his eye hurt and he had a green/yellow goopy thing in the corner of his eye. We stopped at CVS on our way to my sisters house and they told us they don't sell anything over the counter for pink eye and that he would have to see the doctor. Well, when we got to my sisters house and told them about it they told us they DO sell something over the counter!! So my nieces went to CVS and got a bottle (and it says right on the front of it "Pink eye relief"!!!) and within two doses we could see his eye improve. Granted we have to fight him to get the drops in, they are working!! Well, Chase had started back up with his cold on Friday, and on the way home yesterday I noticed his left eye looked a little red on the outside and I saw a green/yellow goopy thing in the corner.....just great! By the time we got home Z gave him a bottle and he fell asleep so I layed him down.......within 10 minutes he was awake and crying hard and his eye was SO swollen! Z called the nurses hot line and they said to take him to the emergency room, so at 6pm last night we headed to the er. They saw him super fast, thank goodness. They gave us a prescription for drops which we filled on our way home. By the time we got home it had spread to Chase's other eye. Poor baby looked awful. :( His nose is SO stuffy, he has a cough and his eyes are red and puffy. And yet he still manages to give me some of his famous gummy just breaks my heart. I did ask the doctor if Ty had to stay home from school and he said Ty shouldn't be contagious anymore he could go today......well, he woke me up at 5:00am this morning crying and saying both his eyes were stuck closed. So needless to say, no school for at least two days for him......and they were doing special testing this week! :( I went into the bathroom to get a warm washcloth and Z was just getting out of the shower.......I told him his eye looked a little red and sure enough he had it too. He looked at my eye and said it was in there as well! Why in the hell can't we get a break from being sick?!?!?!? I still have a cough from getting sick 2 months ago, Tyler has been on antibiotics twice and is still sick, and Chase had a cold that went away but is now back in full force. GO AWAY, GERMS!!! Photobucket

*sigh* Well, other than the nasty sicky stuff things are ok. When we went to my sisters house, she had it decorated for Christmas and it looked amazing!!! Now I can't wait to get our decorations up! We usually put our stuff up the Friday after Thanksgiving, but since we were out of town we'll be late with them. I tell you what, it will be a VERY long time before we go back to MD.......that was such a long ride!!! I really miss my family, but if they want to see the boys they can come visit here from now on!! LOL

I'll hopefully get some pics up from our trip soon..........