Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My poor baby

So Chase had his 9 month check up yesterday and all went well. The doctor did give us a prescription for an antibiotic for his runny/stuffy nose, but the doctor said he was doing fine. Well, last night was HELL with Chase. He was up most of the night fussing and crying......he would eat a little of his bottle, then doze off for a bit.......after about an hour he would wake up just crying and screaming. By 4am Z was getting frustrated with him (he sleeps in bed with us up next to daddy) and considering he had to get up for work at 5am I took Chase and went into the living room. I turned the tv on and Chase fussed on and off a little then finally fell asleep. By 5:30am I had to pee something terrible so I got up and layed Chase in our bed. He immediately went to fussing so I made him a bottle and gave it to him and within a few minutes he went back to sleep. He seemed fine when he woke up at 6:30 and he was his normal self when we took Ty to school......he loves to "talk" to me when we head back home after dropping Ty off. Normally when we get home I put him in his highchair and feed him soon as I put him in his highchair he started crying/screaming. I made another bottle and layed him down. Usually he'll fall asleep after a few minutes, but he just kept fussing. I emptied the dishwasher and reloaded it, then put a load of laundry in and cleaned up the kitchen, which took about 45 minutes.......I then checked on Chase and he was STILL crying. :( I felt so bad for him. I picked him up and took him into the living soon as I picked him up he layed his little head on my shoulder and I knew something wasn't right........he LOVES to look all over the place when I pick him up. I sat on the sofa and turned Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on and he watched a few minutes of it before he feel back to sleep. His little eyes looked so blood shot and red.....and I noticed when he would take a breath, he would hold it for a few seconds before he would take another one. After he had been asleep for awhile I layed him back down and took a quick shower and finished laundry. By the time I got done he was fussing again. I once again sat on the sofa with him and he snuggled down/fell asleep again (SO not like him at all.....he always fights to get down and play on the floor).....I called Z to tell him he would need to pick up Ty from school today as I was worried about Chase and I told him how he was acting. After I hung up I took Chase's temp and it was 100.4. :( I called Z right back and told him and he said he had already called another mechanic to come in to work and told his boss he had to leave because Chase was really sick. He left work, picked up Ty from school early and came and got us to go to the emergency room. They saw us super fast, which was good because you could see Chase was hurting and just miserable.......gah, I get teary eyed just thinking about how pitiful my baby looked. They took us back and the doctor checked his left ear and said he had an ear infection and that the right ear was red so he may get one in that ear as well. I asked how in the world that was possible when he was JUST checked yesterday and she said they can develop quickly and overnight like his did. They did an x-ray of his chest to make sure that was clear and did a nose swab.....ugh, that was awful. They did the swab first and by the time they got to do the x-ray his nose was bleeding. :( So, we left with a prescription for an antibiotic and a numbing drop for his ears.......they said we can continue using the tylenol/motrin as needed, too. I felt so bad........I was so frustrated with how crappy he slept last night and he was only fussing because he was hurting so bad. :(

Since being home, he's had a dose of antibiotic and some tylenol and has been sleeping on and off but seems to already be doing better............hopefully he'll continue to improve!!