Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chase's 9 month check-up *edited 03.25.10*

Chase had his 9 month check-up today and he is doing GREAT!!! His stats are:

19 lbs 6 ozs
28.5" long*
18" head circumference

Overall the doctor seems pleased with the pace he is growing. He was such a good boy at the office, too! He was flirting with all the ladies. LOL He didn't get any shots today, thank goodness and doesn't need to go back until he's a year old. Woohoo!!!!

Ok, so I went to add his 9 months stats in his baby book and when Chase had his 6 month check-up in December he was 26.5 inches long......so how in the hell is he STILL the same length 3 months later?!?!? I checked his length myself yesterday and I got 28.5 inches, so i'm going to go with that......and i'm also seriously considering getting a regular pediatrician for the boys and not a family doctor. How did he not see Chase's length from December and not question the length the nurse got?!?!? They are always WAY off on both of the boys weight and apparently on Chase's length as well!! >:-(