Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First day of school!!

WOW, I can't get over how fast this summer went! I can't believe Ty is starting first grade today. I'm SO going to miss having him around. :( Yesterday afternoon his school had an open house and we got to meet his teacher and check out his classroom. Each room has a "theme" and they have a flag hanging outside of their rooms with that particular theme. Last year his teachers room was apples and she had an apple flag hanging......well, Ty got a postcard in the mail a few weeks ago with a frog on the front of it and it said his teacher would be Ms. Meadows and to go to the frog flag in the first grade hallway. We found the frog flag yesterday, and boy does she like frogs! She had them everywhere!!! Ty got a huge kick out of that. His teacher is so nice! She's been at that school for 26 years! We dropped off his supplies, filled out a few papers and got to chat for a little while. We also got to see a few of his classmates, and we saw two of his classmates from last year are in his first grade class. It was nice to see some familiar faces from last year, like the two ladies that help the kids out of the vehicles during morning drop-off. They both couldn't believe how big Ty and Chase have gotten!! We also got to meet the new principal and he seemed very nice as well.

Ty is also going to be a bus rider for the very first time and is SO excited about this!!! I was hesitant about letting him ride the bus before he started school last year. (well, he would have only been on the bus in the morning since kindergarten got out earlier than the rest of the school) I didn't like the idea of a kindergartner riding a bus with alot of bigger kids. (bad experiences of riding the bus when I was in school) But since his school only goes up to 2nd grade, I figured it wouldn't be too bad. Plus, he's been bugging me to ride the bus ever since he rode one on his first field trip last year!! I'll be sure to get pics of him getting on the bus this morning.

We're looking forward to another great school year!!!