Monday, August 2, 2010

HUGE deals!!!

Last Friday and this past weekend we got some amazing deals on toys for the boys!!! Friday the boys and I went to Target and they had some toys marked down 75% off.......they marked them down on Thursday so it was all picked through, but I found an adorable stuffed Spongebob for only $1.47!! Chase loves Spongebob and Ty has a Ty brand Spongebob that Chase likes to play with so I figured this way he could have his own! I also got some good deals on a few other things, but that was for things around the house. (well, I also got some scrapbook stuff super cheap...I LOVE their dollar section!!! Plus, I used paypal/survey money to pay for the scrapbook stuff so it was basically free!!) On Saturday we went to Kmart and they had tons of toys marked down 50%......we found a cute Elmo toy for Chase and several Matchbox sets for Ty, all for Christmas!! We easily got over $75 worth of toys for just under $20. It feels so good to have things already put away for the boys for Christmas. I'm expecting several payments from survey's i've taken and i'm hoping to use that money for gifts for them as well!

Keep an eye out at Kmart and Target for some great markdowns!!!!!