Thursday, August 19, 2010


Once again I am using my old hard drive as the modem on my other hard drive is once again acting up. Yes, the same modem that we just bought about a month or so ago!!! It's doing the same exact thing that the other modem was is what's going on. (in case someone has any advice/input to offer!! LOL)

When I try to log online, the modem makes no noise and after a few attempts I keep getting an error message of: "The modem on the remote computer isn't responding..." or something like that. We've had the hard drive to the computer shop.....nothing was wrong with the modem. In fact, the guy at the computer shop hooked a phoneline up to my computer and got online at the store! Z ran new phone line at home, thinking that was the problem. Tried to get online with no luck. Now the real kicker is.......(well, other than the fact that the computer tech got online with my hard drive at the store, in front of Z) my old hard drive works just fine (albeit it's super old and sooooo slow) and will get me online....using the exact same phone line! We ended up replacing the modem from my regular hard drive and it was working just fine....until this morning. Now, I was able to get online early this morning, but I kept getting bumped offline. Just like what happened the last time all this mess started.

I just can't wrap my head around what is going is it my old hard drive works fine with the phone line, but my regular hard drive won't let me online, but it will get online elsewhere?!?!?