Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chaser's update

Wow, it's been way too long since i've done a Chase update. It's so hard to believe he's almost 15 months old!!

He's doing so much lately it's hard to keep up! He's now walking 99% of the time. He's also attempting running, which is hilarious to watch!! He loves getting big borthers Spongebob hat and bringing it to me saying "Bob! Bob!" As soon as I put the hat on his head, he is giggling and running away! LOL He'll do that several times and each time he laughs harder and harder....I need to try and get it on he is wearing the hat:

He is such a little love-bug....he loves coming up and laying his head on my chest saying "Ahhh...." He still only does kisses every once in awhile, but will gladly let you kiss him......when you ask him "Can I give you a kiss?" he leans his head towards you to kiss it! LOL He LOVES MeeMee and is always petting her or sitting next to her. He loves the dogs too, but it's just something about MeeMee he likes more. Last week I noticed two new teeth coming in on the bottom, so he now has a grand total of 8 teeth! And he just loves to smile and show them off. He still isn't "talking" much, but LOVES to babble!! He's also learned how to get himself down off of our bed and he likes to climb up and down on Ty's bed. It's been awhile since i've done a weight and height check on him.......I need to work on that!