Thursday, August 26, 2010

A few other updates

So I had blogged about our freezer going bad and we finally have another one. It's still in our carport, like our old freezer, but we're working on making room in the house for it. It's so nice to have a freezer again!! And now when we find some good sales on groceries we can stock up again.

I had also posted about my computer acting up again. Well, a few days after posting I hooked up my regular hard drive and it went to working again!! I swear I have no clue what keeps happening with the modem. I will be so glad when faster internet is available out this way and I won't have to worry about the modem anymore!!

School is going ok for Ty. He's had a few mornings of crying, but it's gotten better. I'm sad to admit that we bribed him with ice cream! We were letting him buy every Friday but that didn't seem to work, so I told him if he can do good every morning he can buy ice cream every day. He also asked if he could wear his silly bandz rubber bands to school and I told him he could and between that and the ice cream he hasn't cried! I just hope it keeps working for him. This week he brought home the papers for school pictures already....they are taking them September 2nd! School has only been in session for a little over a week and they are already doing pics. We decided we were only buying a super small package and won't be mailing any out. They do spring pics, which we loved so much more than the fall school pics so we'll wait to get pics to mail out then.

Well, that's it for now. It's so hard to believe summer is "over", but i'm SO looking forward to cooler fall weather!!! I hope everyone had a greet summer!!!!