Monday, August 30, 2010

The weekend is over....

And boy did it go by fast, as usual! Saturday we did our usual grocery shopping. We got some amazing deals!! And, we didn't even set foot in Walmart. I am getting SO sick and tired of Walmart and the way their prices fluctuate. Just an example: they had a dozen large eggs for .88 for a few weeks, which is a great price. All of the sudden they jumped to $1.38, then less than a week later they were up to $1.48! WTH?!?!? And their gallons of milk.....we buy whole milk for Chase and Walmart brand milk was $ it's up to $3.98!!! We shop at Krogers and Food City and their prices are way cheaper than Walmart now, so now we only use Walmart for prescriptions and over the counter meds. Each week we went into Walmart we would leave disgusted by the constant changes in their prices, so we see no reason to have to go back there for groceries. Actually, we were going their for just meds and pet food, but now we buy the dog food from the co-op and the cat food from Target........I was such a die hard Walmart shopper, now I can't stand going in there!

After we did our grocery shopping we came home and Chase took a really good nap.......over 4 hours!! When he woke up, Z said he wanted to go to the store and then go out to dinner. (thank you once again survey money!!) We headed over to Pigeon Forge/Sevierville area and we had Ryan's Buffet for dinner.....let me just say, it was AMAZING!!! Not only was their food delicious but the whole atmosphere was felt so family friendly/oriented. And for a Saturday evening, they were not busy at all! Golden Coral was across the street and they were super packed, and Z had been seeing commercials for Ryan's and wanted to try them so we had that for dinner. I'm so glad we went there.....their dinner rolls were SO good......I love the rolls at Golden Coral, but the rolls at Ryan's were even better!!!! Ty got a huge kick out of all the different foods he got to eat......he had pizza and tacos, and he thought that was so neat! Everyone enjoyed themselves!!

I did get laundry done yesterday but didn't get to put it all away, so that is my goal for today. That and to make some time to scrapbook....even if I only get one layout done i'll be happy!!