Thursday, October 21, 2010

Teacher conference!

Boy am I behind with updates!! :( We had a conference with Ty's teacher last Tuesday (10.12.10) and she said he is doing AMAZING!!!! He is still in the highest reading group and is doing amazing in math. Also, earlier that day he had taken the first part of a test and he only missed one question!! His teacher said it even surprised her, because the teachers didn't expect any of the students to do well on the first part. We were so, so proud!!! He is really loving school right now, and I am so thrilled with that. His teacher also said she was SO happy that he got to stay at the school and that he is a very bright boy and she enjoys having him in her class. Ahhh, I was smiling so big when she said that. I always knew he was an amazing boy!!! Photobucket