Thursday, November 4, 2010

Days like this.....

This morning has been so flippin' rough. Chase was wide awake at 4:30am.......when I got up to make him another bottle to see if that would help him go back to sleep, I stepped in something wet. Great, one of the dogs or cat got sick on the floor. Brought Chase his bottle and laid back down to see if I could go back to sleep....started smelling something and got up to see one of the girls had gotten sick again. Nice. I finally just get up to get my day started. I had thought Chase went back to sleep but he didn't.....he was at the end of the bed chatting away. I decided to get him up so he wouldn't wake Ty too early. I was getting Ty's lunch together and Chase grabbed a Cheeto cheese crunchy off the table. No biggie, just one isn't a big deal. A little later on he came up to me to pick him up and I notice something white on his face.......then I could smell it. He had gotten sick, but only a little bit was on his outfit so I figured that was it.....WRONG. I go into the living room and there are 3 places where he got sick. *sigh* How in the world did I not hear him?!?!? Get him and the carpet cleaned up, then got some Febreze sprayed. Put everything away and I hear Honey cough a biggie, she's had that cough for about a week but it's getting so much better now that she's on some meds..........I looked and she had gotten sick. Photobucket I got the carpet stuff out again and scrubbed the carpet. All of this happened before 6:15am. I sat down at the computer to relax and Chase was walking around saying "mom, mom,, mom, mom..." That totally made up for the crappy morning I was having.......Photobucket