Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Yum, yum, yum!!

This past weekend to went to Krogers, and they had a really good deal on boxed cookie mixes made by Krusteaz.

I had heard they were fairly decent, but were a little pricey. Well, Krogers had them for $1.45 a box, so I got 2; peanut butter (of course) and sugar. I decided to make the sugar cookies was SO simple!!! Just add 1 egg and one stick of butter or margarine (I used margarine because we are out of butter). The dough smelled oh so yummy, and I couldn't wait to bake some!! Let's just say these bad boys are going to go fast in this house!!! Photobucket They have such an amazing taste, considering they came from a box! (and considering how EASY they were!) The recipe can be changed to make the dough ready for cut out cookies, and I am so going to try that for Christmas!!!

Here is the end result........minus a few cookies Photobucket

Also, this past weekend we went to Dollar Tree and I found something I had been looking for for years.....a cookie spatula!! Z saw it and said "Who in the world would want a cookie don't flip cookies over!" I saw what he was talking about and squealed!!! I told him you use it to take the cookies off the cookie sheets and he just looked at me weird......I had one of these a long time ago but it broke and could never find the right "spatula". And here it was.....and for only $1!! I only bought one, but I am definitely going back this weekend to get several more.......

I love this thing!!!! Photobucket