Monday, December 6, 2010

Some grocery deals

To try and be a little more upbeat, I should mention the great grocery deals we got this weekend. Kroger has a special going on where you buy 10 participating items you get $5 off. (can mix or match things) and this past Saturday we really cleaned up. They have Orville Redenbacher popcorn for $1.49. Right where the popcorn is there is a small machine thingie attached to the shelf that had coupons for .55 off when you bought one 3 pack of Orville popcorn.......that made the popcorn .94 a box. They also had the Krusteaz cookie box mixes (the ones I have raved about) on sale for .99. Attached to the Chocolate Chunk cookie boxes (and one of the Snickerdoodle boxes) are coupons for .55 off......that made the cookie mixes .44 a box! I know i've gone on and on about how good the Krusteaz cookies are, but I just can't get over how good they taste for being a cookie mix!! The only cookie I didn't care for was their peanut butter. (and anything peanut butter is my favorite!) But the sugar, chocolate chunk and snickerdoodle are amazingly yummy. And SO darn simple to make!! Just one egg and a stick of butter! I don't know how Krusteaz has managed to make a cookie mix taste so good, but they have. The one thing we have done differently is with the chocolate chunk.....I run the mix through a sifter to remove the chocolate chunks they use and replace them with my own chocolate chips (either Tollhouse or Gheridelli chips). Don't get me wrong, I love their chocolate chunks, but I prefer the other chips added.

Anyhoo, Krogers has the same sale going on this week as well. We ended up actually saving more than we spent on Saturday! I think we spent a little over $50 and saved close to $70! If you have a Krogers near you, you really need to check out their sale this week. :)