Friday, January 21, 2011

Do the potty dance!!

Ok, so we aren't there yet......LOL! But i'm thinking we may be able to start potty training by the end of summer/early fall! Chase has shown some interest in his potty chair for the past month or so, but i'm thinking it was mainly because Elmo is on it. But within the past week or so, Chase has been coming up to me and will grab the front of his diaper while saying something......i'll ask him if he pooped and he'll say "Yeah" and sure enough he did. I remember Tyler doing something similar and not too long after that we started the potty training and it went GREAT! Some people say how hard boys are to potty train, but Ty was SO easy! I mean, he didn't train overnight, but once he got the hang of it it was smooth sailing! I just took cues from Ty and let him basically lead the way with training, and i'll do the same with Chase. I'm keeping my fingers crossed Chase trains just as smoothly. Photobucket

Ahhh, to be free of diapers for good.........I can't wait to be able to do the potty dance!!! Photobucket