Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mail goodies so far for 2011


It's been such a long time since I posted some of the freebies I have gotten........mainly because when we moved in September I gave up on getting anything good. But so far, things have continued to roll in!! So far this is what I have gotten for 2011;

- Excedrin coupons for free products (3)
- photo post cards (hope everyone I sent them to enjoyed them!)
- Atkins Kit (mainly ordered for the free bars.....they were Photobucket)
- NFL tote/Dollar General
- Nike Shoes (Dr. Oz....actually ended up with 2 codes!! I entered my info first but the form locked up, so I opened a new window and tried again with Z's info and it went through. I closed the other window that locked up and didn't think much about it until i got the email that it actually went through!! Photobucket)
- Red Gold measuring spoon (LOVE it!! It was free when you submitted a recipe using their products, and I use Red Gold tomato paste and sauce in my spaghetti, lasagna and meatloaf recipes)
- $3 Pinecone payment/Paypal
- $5 survey check
- $5 amazon GC (2)/swagbucks

I'm sure there are a few other things that I just didn't write down, but I am now starting to keep better track of what I sign up for and what I receive. Photobucket