Monday, January 10, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

We are getting our third snow fall in a little over a week!! We have about 2 inces outside now, and it is coming down really hard still! It's so beautiful outside.......and so quiet!! We haven't seen snow like this since we left Maryland. I'm so glad the boys get to play in snow. :) In fact, Ty just got his very first sled this past weekend as an early birthday present!! He is SO excited to use it.....and I can't wait to get pics of him sledding!!!

Speaking of birthdays......I can not believe my boy will be 7 years old on Thursday!!! He is so excited. He asked me to make him a confetti cake with pink icing and sprinkles. He also got his b-day presents this past weekend. Not only did he get a new sled, but we bought him new sheets for his bed....Spongebob!!! He also got a huge super soft blanket he picked out from granny and grandpa. We had NO idea what to get him, since he got tons of stuff a few weeks ago for Christmas........and I thought he would like new sheets, so when I asked him about getting those he said "OH YEAH!!!" We have to wait to get the Spongebob comforter that matches, since they were out of stock, but he didn't care at all. As soon as we got home on Saturday (after driving in some REALLY scary weather and nasty roads...*shudder*) he stripped his bed and put his new stuff on. LOL I have to admit it is super cute. He wanted Scooby-Doo stuff for his bed, but they didn't get very good reviews. They were so cute, though. Here is a pic of Ty enjoying his new sheets!

Even Chase loved the sheets!! He kept squealing "Bob-bob!!"